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Please visit this website on a regular basis to get information and updates on Western New York tennis programs including USTA Leagues, Junior Team Tennis and The Buffalo MUNY Tennis Championship.

Congratulations to our Buffalo winners (3/5!) of the
2015 USTA Western Region Captains' Lottery:

Tara Hart-Nova - US Open loge seats
Jennifer Ickowski - 12 month club membership
Maria Lapetina - $100 gift card

Thank you to ALL of our Buffalo captains! We appreciate your hard work and dedication!


USTA League Tennis Announcements:

Tri Level Team Registration is in Progress!
Click here for information and please contact Shawna Macfarlane ( by 10/2 if you're forming a team.

Click HERE to view the complete list of Western Region Champions

 Letter to All League Players, 5/7/15


Reminder:  ALL USTA Team Captains and Players are accountable for upholding USTA League Local Regulations, Eastern Regulations and National Regulations.  Captains must be familiar with all Regulations and ensure all team members are, as well. Full payment is due prior to play. Court fees must be collected before the match begins and paid to the club desk.

Click HERE forTennisLink

Congratulations to our Winning Teams:

Tri Level
Men's Gold- TTD
Women's Silver- Stohl
Women's Gold- Martin/Brennan

18 & Over Mixed Doubles
6.0- Village Glen Green/Snowballs
7.0- Irishman
8.0- Jamie 8
9.0- Sands

18 & Over Adult Leagues
2.5 Women- Gallo's Gals
3.0 Women- Lemon Drop Shots

3.5 Women- Shotsie 18
4.0 Women- Connelly-White
4.5 Women- Serve Aces
(Eastern Section Champion)

3.0 Men- Litto 30M
3.5 Men- Sage
4.0 Men- Watson
4.5 Men- Tennis Ace

40 & Over Adult Leagues
3.0 Women- English
3.5 Women- Stohl
4.0 Women- Pawlik

3.5 Men- Sage
4.0 Men- Cassell

55 & Over Adult Leagues
7.0 Women- Wolf
8.0 Women- Abels

6.0 Men- Litto (Eastern Section Champion)
7.0 Men- Veres
8.0 Men- Anderson
9.0 Men- Buffalo


40 & Over Mixed Doubles
6.0- Leana
7.0- Banks
8.0- Abels 
(Eastern Section Champion)